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Fantasy Hypnosis

While hypnosis has its traditional hypnotherapy side (stress & anxiety, weight loss, stop smoking, etc.), I often get asked about using hypnosis strictly for pleasure. People reach out to me almost every day curious about what hypnosis feels like and what they can experience in hypnosis. Many have a fantasy they want to experience that they are afraid to experience in real life or can't due to financial costs or other restrictions.

So, what kind of fantasy can you experience in hypnosis? The simple answer is that you can experience anything you can possibly imagine. I simply act as a guide to take you there. Some of the more common fantasies are:

  • Exotic Travel - Is there some tropical island you want to visit or maybe an exotic place you've read about in a book?

  • Time Travel - Would you like to travel in time to an event in history or maybe even imagine what your future may be like?

  • Magical or Superpowers - Have you ever dreamed that you are able to fly or that you have some kind of superpower?

  • Erotic Fantasies - This is one of the most common fantasies I'm questioned about. People often want to experience some type of erotic fantasy that they're too afraid to experience in life.

So what makes a good fantasy? Having a good imagination is helpful. Many people can visualize and everyone can imagine. People respond differently to different senses. Hypnosis can often heighten the 5 senses so that your experience is very intense. How many of the following 5 senses can you imagine?

  • Sight - Can you close your eyes and visualize the sun setting over the ocean or maybe all the vibrant colors of a beautiful field of your favorite flowers?

  • Hearing - Can you imagine birds singing or ocean waves crashing on the shore?

  • Taste - Can you remember the taste of your favorite dessert or your favorite meal? Does it make your mouth water?

  • Smell - Can you imagine cookies baking or the smell of sweet flowers?

  • Touch - Can you imagine how your warm and comfortable bed feels?

Get the idea? You want to heighten as many senses as possible. Many clients tell me that their session is so intense that they felt they were actually there and didn't want to come back.

Send me a message and let me know your hypnotic fantasy.

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