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Hypnosis and Letting Go

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

There is a universal energy that we are all a part of. I’ve heard it referred to as the vortex, the secret, the law of attraction, the energy field, the universe, and many more. No matter what your spiritual or religious background, you can’t deny that there is a higher consciousness or energy that we are all a part of. The seasons come and go, the sun rises and sets each day, and everything just seems to stay in perfect alignment without our intervention.

It all seems to be in perfect order except for one thing, our thoughts. Our thoughts are what get us into trouble. You see, the universe is magnetic. Like attracts like. If we think negative thoughts, we attract negative thoughts, negative people, and negative circumstances. If we think positive thoughts, we attract positive thoughts, positive people, and positive circumstances.

So how do we control it? People often refer to manifesting your reality by visualizing what you want your life to be like. If you visualize wealth, love, and good things, you attract those things into your life.

So how do you do it with all the negativity, stress, and anxiety that surround us today? Everything I’ve read and personally experienced goes back to one core concept, letting go. You have to release the negative thoughts quickly and learn to think positive thoughts and visualize positive outcomes. If you think about it, everything has a positive and negative aspect. If someone cuts you off in traffic, do you get angry and upset, blow your horn and go into road rage, or do you just ignore it, release it, and go on your way because in five minutes it won’t matter anyway?

Holding on to negativity is toxic. Anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts and emotions have been linked to many health issues including cancer. Why would you want to consume your life reacting negatively to every situation when it’s all just a life lesson anyway? It doesn’t change anything to react negatively, it just attracts more negativity and consumes you with anger and frustration. If you learn to just live in the moment, take what life brings you, and release it, you’ll find that life brings you more of the things you love.

So why do we think so many negative thoughts? For most of us, it’s embedding into our subconscious minds. We’ve done it for years and our subconscious has us on autopilot. Remember, like attracts like and when we react negatively and think negative thoughts, we get more of the same. It just keeps coming!

So how do we break the cycle? How do we stop the negative chatter, think positively, and attract more of what we want? We’ve got to train our subconscious mind to react positively.

Through hypnosis, you can release negative thoughts and focus on more of the positive aspects of your life. Hypnosis gives you instant access to the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can take you on a journey of letting go of negative thoughts and thinking more positively. Through guided imagery, you can even visualize, imagine, or manifest the life you desire.

So why can’t you just do this yourself by changing your thoughts? Because your subconscious mind is programmed with negative thoughts and it’s going to be an uphill climb to change those thoughts overnight. Hypnosis can help you do this much faster by accessing your subconscious mind and giving you positive suggestions.

The key is truly letting go. Let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Let go of years of toxic negativity that you’ve been holding onto. Through hypnosis, you can start your journey to a positive you that attracts a positive future.

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