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Hypnosis by Phone

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Hypnosis by phone is actually a very effective way to experience hypnosis. In fact, it can be even more effective than an in-person session. With hectic schedules and traffic, finding time to travel can be difficult. Scheduling a phone session allows scheduling flexibility without having to worry about running late for your appointment or having to make special arrangements.

What makes a great phone session?

  • Quiet Time – While you generally aren’t distracted by noises during hypnosis, it’s important to dedicate at least an hour of quiet time to your session. This means finding a quiet space with no interruptions and putting your phone on do not disturb during the session. Finding a quiet space without interruptions from phone calls, children, or pets will ensure you have a great session.

  • Comfy Arm Chair – You’ll need a comfortable arm chair for your session.

  • Headset – Although not required, it’s recommended that you use the headset for your phone. Having your hands free will ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

  • Comfortable Clothing – Feel free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a session when it’s convenient for you!

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